Monthly Archives: June 2016

ConcX v2.1 Now Available for Download

I am pleased to announce that the Concurrency Explorer (ConcX) version 2.1 source code is now available for free download. The source code is written in Java 8 and expects to be run from NetBeans IDE, both of which are also available for free download from Oracle. It should be cross-platform compatible for Windows, Linux (lightly tested) and Mac (not yet tested). See the Sidebar for the download link.

Also available is the new “Getting Started with Avian Computing” guide which describes the basics of Avian Computing and introduces ConcX, how to install it and run it from NetBeans, and the controls and indicators used in ConcX. The Getting Started guide also includes about a dozen examples of parallel scenarios that can be loaded and run and (even better) experimented with, adjusting the configurations of the birds in each scenario to see if it affects how the program runs. See the Sidebar for the download link.