Monthly Archives: February 2017

ConcX 2.2 Released

I am pleased to announce version 2.2 of ConcX has been released today, 2/2. I like that: V2.2 released on 2/2. And it’s Groundhogs Day – even better. Anyway, it has many usability improvements, with the net result being that ConcX is much easier to setup and run from either Linux or Window.

The big news is that now you can download the ConcX zipfile and copy it into any directory that appeals to you. Unzip it in that directory and then move into the ConcX subdirectory and then run it. That’s right. No need to go hunting for the appropriate jar files and moving them into a lib folder – that’s all handled when you unzip the file. And when it starts, it automatically makes a config file based on where you install it. So it all should just start working. In Windows, you can just double-click on the jar file and it all should start running. Unfortunately, Ubuntu Linux won’t let you do this because of its protection scheme.

However, open a terminal window (Linux) or a cmd window (Windows) in the folder that you unzipped ConcX into and issue this command:

java -jar concx.jar

and it all should just start running. True confession: I like running ConcX best from the terminal window of Ubuntu because of it’s snappy performance. Loading flocks from a file seem almost instantaneous. It’s easily 10 or 20 times faster than loading the same flocks in Windows.

Version 2.2 has many other improvements. The main display window of ConcX has been resized so it will all display on a laptop with a 1366 x 768 maximum resolution. It was frustrating to see the bulk of the screen but not be able to access the Start All button at the bottom of the screen.

The Bird Type field and all of the Food Pod fields have been changed to search for any birds or foods that start with the text you entered. If it finds more than one match, a dialog box is popped up and all matching names are listed. For example, if you enter “add” and then tab out of the Bird Type field, the dialog that pops up will list Add1Bird, Add2Bird, Add3Bird, Add4Bird, and Add5Bird for you to select. This validation method works the same in either Jar mode or IDE mode.

The button to the right of the Bird Type and Food Pod Type fields is no longer used to select the Bird or Food. Instead it gives users access to Birds and Food Pods outside of the jar file. Because the jar file is generated from source code, if a user didn’t download the source code, there was no way to increase the number of Birds or Foods – they were stuck with whatever choices were included at compile time. The buttons give users access to Birds or Foods that are compiled outside the jar file, allowing (for example) a developer to generate the Bird.class files or Food.class files and let multiple jar users to access these new files.

The Javadocs have all been updated and are available for download.

The Getting Started with Avian Computing guide is being updated and should be ready in a few days. It will be posted on this web site as soon as it is ready.

There are lots more little improvements in ConcX v2.2 that make life better in the parallel world. Go ahead and download this latest version and give it a try.